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Why us

  • Assessment according to the true value of an item
  • Free appreciation of your antiques
  • Experienced appreciatoors
  • Work in the field of antiques since 1950
  • Separate showroom
  • Member of the Antique Dealers and Artwork Merchants’ Union

Evaluation process

We aim to facilitate every step involved in the selling of your artwork for you. You can send a picture of your antique to our online appreciation platform and receive an initial estimated cost evaluation. Visit our store without an appointment and get a free of charge appreciation. For your own convenience a meeting in your place can be arranged.

Payment process

All of our transactions are direct, easy and completely safe. Following an agreement, payout can be done either in cash or through a bank account according to what better suits your needs.

Our evaluators

It is vital that the people working for us share our sensitivity towards artworks. That is why we have always made a point of working on a long term basis with people who have a genuine knowledge of the subject matter. Our specialized appreciators, with degrees in Maintenance of Works of Art  received in Venice and Appreciation in Paris, will share with you their  long experience so that the best possible appreciation of your antique, based on its true value, will be achieved.

Our story

Ever since 1950, our family has had three generations working with devotion and a passion for anything unique and special. Collecting special artworks and authentic antiques for more than 50 years, what initially started as a dream is nowadays a1000s.m. gallery which can impress even the strictest of judges. Our gallery can guarantee all antique lovers a genuine travel in time and in the history of European and Asian history which is bound to have you moved.

We never stop searching in order to enrich our exhibition with unique items, from paintings, vases and porcelains to ivory, chandelier and 18th and 19th century furniture. If you are interested in selling your antiques to people who know and can appreciate and highlight the true value of each work of art, then do contact us.